Krypto Fighters is developed in Unity, which benefits the integration for WebGL, PC, Android and iOS versions, and the ability to expand in-game features while still ensuring the graphic quality. Initially, we will launch KF on the Web Platform first. and then we will consider releasing Android and iOS versions later on.

Krypto Fighters will launch on the Polygon network. Originally, the team planned to launch on Ethereum, the most reliable chain in the world. We also want to connect our NFT to OpenSea, the world's biggest NFT marketplace which currently supports only Etherium, Polygon and Klaytn. However, since the high gas costs and transaction speed problem on ETH Mainnet exist, we have decided to deploy on Polygon. We believe in a multi-chain future and intend to support multiple EVM compatible chains including Polygon and ETH mainnet from launch.

While blockchain technology has introduced various benefits to gaming, it is still in its infancy in terms of readiness for mass adoption; especially for fully decentralized game features. As such, we believe that a middle ground between decentralization and centralization can be reached where tamper-proof ownership is always made public and transparent, and gameplay mechanics can be run off-chain on centralized servers.

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