Fighter's Abilities


Even if the Fighters are in the same class, each of them will have different abilities. To make each Fighter unique, the game contains a pool set of abilities that will be randomly assigned to the Fighter from the beginning.

The Fighter will have 0-3 different random abilities based on rarity at hand that can not be changed throughout the game.

Abilities shall be categorized into 12 different groups and some group is also divided into different levels of power.

12 difference groups include:

  • Speed Abilities: Increased Fighter's Speed.

Ability NameIconDescription

Quick Instinct

+2 Speed.

Quick Reflex

+5 Speed.

Quick Draw

+20% Speed on round start.

  • Attack Abilities: Increased Fighter Offensive.

Ability NameIconDescription

First Blood

Gain Attack Up Buff on 1st round.


+2 Attack.


+5 Attack.

Peak Performance

+7 Attack.

  • Health Abilities: Increased Fighter's Health.

Ability NameIconDescription

Naturally Healthy

+2 Health.

Warrior Build

+5 Health.

Heroic Build

+7 Health.

  • Spirit Abilities: Increased Fighter's Spirit.

Ability NameIconDescription


+2 Fighting Spirit.

Spiritual Fortitude

+5 Fighting Spirit.


+7 Fighting Spirit.


+10 Fighting Spirit.

  • Critical Abilities: Increased Critical chance or apply Crit Buff.

Ability NameIconDescription

Focused Striker

+3% Critical chance.

Precise Striker

+5% Critical chance.

Perfect Strike

Gain Crit Buff on 1st round.

  • Accuracy Abilities: Increased Fighter's Accuracy.

Ability NameIconDescription

Locked On

+3% Hit chance.

Bull’s Eye

+5% Hit chance.

  • Resistance Abilities: Grant Fighter defensive buff.

Ability NameIconDescription


Gain Counter Buff on 1st round.


Gain Shield Buff on 1st round.


Gain Shield+ Buff on 1st round.


Gain RES Up Buff on 1st round.

  • Dodge Abilities: Grant Fighter more evasive chance.

Ability NameIconDescription


Gain Dodge Up Buff on 1st round.


Gain Dodge Up+ Buff on 1st round.

  • Health Recovery Abilities: Increased Fighter's healing receive.

Ability NameIconDescription


+10% Healing receive increased.


+20% Healing receive increased.


+30% Healing receive increased.

  • Spirit Recovery Abilities: Increased Fighter's healing receive.

Ability NameIconDescription

At Ease

+10% Fighting Spirit restored increased.


+20% Fighting Spirit restored increased.

Presence of Mind

+30% Fighting Spirit restored increased.

  • On-Damage Abilities: Abilities that will activate when fighters receive a certain amount of damage.

Ability NameIconDescription

Blessed Body

The first time the character is reduced to Last Stand, Apply Cure Buff.


The first time the character is reduced to Last Stand, restore the character's Fighting Spirit equal to the damage dealt


The first time the character is reduced to less than 50% Health, Apply Attack Up+ Buff.

  • Other

Ability NameIconDescription


Attacking and executing an enemy with Last Stand, heal the character equal to the damage dealt.

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