Class: Brawler Name: Amira Paz Sex: Female Species: Altered DOB: 28 June (28 years old) Height: 1.74m Weight: 65kg

Personality: Tech Savy, SmartAmira (Brawler) is a brilliant young scientist from the heart of Kryptopolis. Growing up surrounded by her parents' work in the lab, she couldn't help but be drawn to science herself. Alongside her childhood best friend David, they both pursue their education and careers in science, and with their outstanding intelligence, they achieve their dream and win a Nobel Prize in Quantum Physics.

They were part of a research team on a project known as "AI-X" at Akai Sekai (θ΅€γ„δΈ–η•Œ) Capital in Kryptopolis. The project focused on studying mysterious artifacts that had recently been discovered in the town.

But their dream was shattered when a group of unknown assailants broke into the laboratory, destroying the project and burning it to the ground, killing everyone on the team. David, Amira's best friend, sacrificed himself to protect her, forcing her to flee and leave everything behind.

Traumatized by the incident and with the fear of being tracked, Amira had to reinvent herself. Using her intelligence and resourcefulness, she invented cutting-edge technology and honed her fighting skills, all in the name of revenge.

Over the past five years, Amira has developed a paranoid distrust and skepticism toward others. She has been investigating the incident at the laboratory, and to her horror, she discovered that David, her best friend and colleague, was the mastermind behind it all. He is now the leader of the nefarious organization known as Machina.

Will she be able to defeat the Machina and bring justice to those who have suffered at their hands? With her new allies and her determination to do what is right, Amira sets out on her most dangerous mission yet. But as she delves deeper into the inner workings of the Machina, she realizes that the fight for justice is never truly over. Will Amira be able to rise to the challenge, or will she become another victim of the Machina machinations? Stay tuned to find out.

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