Game Economy

We have developed a sustainable ecosystem catering to web2 and web3 users. KryptoFighters consists of 4 major resources

Krystal Force Token ($KF) - Governance Token

  • Governance (DAO)

  • Transaction Fees

  • The main currency in the marketplace

  • Tournament Rewards

JAB Token ($JAB) - Rewards Token

  • Play-2-Earn Rewards

  • Breeding materials

  • Crafting high-level Items

Ruby - Hard Currency

  • In-app purchase

  • Crafting high-level items

  • Purchase mercenary fighter

Spirit Shard - Soft Currency

  • Major battle rewards

  • Crafting Items

As you can see the combination of a breeding-driven ecosystem and the Freemium model in web2, aims to achieve greater sustainability, which is a major issue in GameFi today.

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