Evolve Breeding Driven

We believe breeding is the best driver for the P2E ecosystem, as it can burn a massive amount of reward tokens through this activity.

Training Lab

Traning Lab allows Fighters (Level 20+)* to coach new Junior Fighter, potentially passing on their skills and abilities in the process. New Apprentics are freshly minted NFTs on the blockchain and new characters within the game. Players must pay $JAB and $KF Tokens to do so. Optionally, Players need 2 Fighters of at least Level 20 for this training.

To avoid significant inflation, each eligible Fighter can only coach up to 3 new Fighters in total and only once every 5 days.

The coaching process will also take a total of 5 days during which the new Fighter will be represented as Fighter Ticket, which is a tradeable NFT just like the actual Fighters NFT.

The master Fighter(s) that are used in the mentoring process will still be playable in-match (not in coaching) during the 5-day incubation period of the new Fighter.​

True to its name, "endless collection," every time users breed (training), they will always get brand new fighters, allowing players to enjoy collecting them endlessly.

Coaching will cost some JAB and KF tokens. The amount is subject to change as the game evolves over time.

Avg. Coaching Count (Round Up)

JAB Cost

KF Cost







Evolve Breeding Driven

As we are building a P2E game, we believe breeding is the best driver to sustain the P2E ecosystem. However, the main problem with it is inflation. When there are too many NFTs in the ecosystem, there will be too massive rewards minted each day, making it hard to maintain the price. KryptoFighters solves this with a seasonal NFT system, which promotes long-term engagement and helps balance supply and demand.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fighter NFTs are seasonal.

  • When you breed fighters, you receive NFTs for the next season.

    • For example, breeding Season 1 Fighters gives you Season 2 Fighters.

    • Breeding Season 2 Fighters gives you Season 3 Fighters.

  • In-season fighters (current season) earn 4X of $JAB rewards.

  • Out-of-season fighters (previous seasons) earn 2X of $JAB rewards.

This seasonal system keeps rewards valuable and ensures a balanced, sustainable ecosystem.

Mutant Fighters (Seasonal Exclusive)

Every time we coach, there is a small chance to come out with Mutant Fighter, which is exclusive to each season. Mutant Fighters come with entirely new appearances and skills, ensuring that every breeding season is exciting.

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