🪙Krystal Force Token ($KF)

Krystal Force Tokens ($KF) are ERC-20 governance tokens for the KryptoFighters ecosystem, with a total supply of 200 million tokens. The use cases for $KF tokens are diverse, ranging from gameplay utility and on-chain activity transaction fees to participation in DeFi activities and governance of the KryptoFighters platform.

  • KF will be the primary currency for trading in the Market place. Players will need KF to pay any other transaction fee. The “KF Treasury” will eventually buy and burn KF, making it naturally deflationary as the ecosystem grows.

  • In the future, we will gradually shift the game structure to a fully decentralized online game. KF holders will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO/DAC, allowing them to shape the future of Krypto Fighters.

  • In Metro Bank, the Holders can lock the coin to get staking rewards. The higher the Fighters' level you have, the more rewards you get.

Ticket: KF Total Max Supply: 200,000,000 Network: Kroma Contract Address: [to be published] Initial Circulating Supply: [to be published]

Token Release Schedule

Token Utility

$KF is the official governance token used in the KF economic system. The following are some of the ways in which $KF will be spent:

  • STAKING : Holders may stake $KF with an APY level defined by TVL (Total value lock) and the current price of $KF.

  • VOTING: Governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO/DAC, allowing holders to shape the future of Krypto Fighters.

  • FARMING: Investors can participate in providing liquidity in currency pairs including $KF/USDC, $KF/MATIC to receive LP Token. LP Token will be used to:

    • Stake to receive tokens from Krypto Fighter partners

    • Stake to get $KF so that users are allowed to buy rare NFTs

  • MARKETPLACE TRADING: $KF is used for making purchases, sales, and rentals of NFTs on Marketplace.

  • Training Fees: Every time users train new fighters, they need $KF tokens for the fees.

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