Revenue Streams

We have multiple revenue streams To sustain Krypto Fighters withstand the test of times,

On-chain side:

  • Transaction fees

  • Withdrawal fees

  • Breeding fees

Off-chain side:

  • Seasonal pass

  • Mercenary character pack

  • Ruby sales

These incomes will directly go to our KF Treasury and they will be put to good use in order to ensure that our metaverse continues to function without any hiccups. These are the area that we will contribute in order to maintain our ecosphere's healthy

  • KF Reward Pool - Big prize for tournaments and league winners

  • Staking Reward

  • Operating Cost

  • Membership Privilege fund - We plan to collaborate with many other projects to provide exclusive privilege to our NFTs Holder. Not only to the blockchain project but also local businesses in the real world. Imagine if you hold the NFT and get a discount for fast food/beverage. To make this happen, we will reserve some of our Treasury in order to operate the business and activities.

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