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Jesada – CEO

With ten years’ experience of software development and as a tech lead at the consulting company, Accenture, Jesada now leads Maxma in realizing the company’s core vision: to create the world’s best 2D pixel fighters’ NFT game. To help bring this vision to reality, Jesada is also an expert in the video game industry, having won many game development competitions.

  • CEO of Maxma Game CO., LTD.

  • Previously a highly regarded technical lead at the consulting company, Accenture

  • Ten years of experience as a software developer

  • Won numerous game dev competitions

Sirikwan – CMO

With nearly 10 years’ experience of providing marketing solutions and strategies, Sirikwan’s expertise helps to facilitate a wide range of sales and marketing strategies at Maxma as CMO. She also acts as senior marketing manager at Drivehub and was previously marketing manager at Workmate. She is the winner of Google Ads performance, REVOU 2021 Digital Marketing.

  • CMO of Maxma Game CO., LTD.

  • Senior Marketing Manager at Drivehub

  • Marketing Manager at Workmate

  • Winner of Google Ads performance, REVOU 2021 Digital Marketing

Natr – Game Director

Natr brings with him years of experience in the gaming industry as a product director at Igloo Studio. His previous works include Bounty Brawl and BNK48 Star Keeper. He was also the layout supervisor of the movie 9 Satra. These positions have given him the valuable skills that are now being utilized as Krypto Fighters's Game Director.

  • Game Director of Krypto Fighters.

  • Product director at Igloo Studio

  • Game director of Bounty Brawl

  • Game director of BNK48 Star Keeper

  • Layout supervisor of the movie 9 Satra

Vuddy - Blockchain Director

Pongwud has served as CEO of Multiverse Expert, a company specializing in blockchain solutions, since 2019. Now, Pongwud is bringing his blockchain expertise to Maxma to help successfully grow Krypto Fighters. He also acts as Group CEO at Smart Station, Adviser at the Committee on Administration of State Affairs, and is a former columnist at Post Today.

  • Blockchain director of Krypto Fighters.

  • CEO of Multiverse Expert Group

  • CEO at Smart Station

  • Advision at The Committee on Administration of State Affairs

  • Former Columnist at Post Today

Napat – COO

After attending Stamford University, Napat built her expertise as a senior recruitment specialist at RECRUITdee, a boutique recruitment agency. Now, she serves as the COO of Maxma, ensuring that the daily operations of the company stay on course. Napat also acts as CEO at N.B.N. Import Co., Ltd, a beauty company she founded in 2019.

  • COO of Maxma Game CO., LTD.

  • CEO at N.B.B Import Co., Ltd

  • Senior Recruitment Specialist at RECRUITdee

Mimi - Lead Artist

The many years Mimi spent exploring both visual and performing arts has provided her with a unique skill set perfectly suited for her role at Maxma as lead artist. As a multi-talented concept artist and animator who specializes in visual development and storytelling, her accomplishments include a range of masterpieces, including the short films “STABBY” and “Liberdade.” Mimi was also a semifinalist in the Walt Disney Imaginations Competition.

  • Lead artist of Maxma Game CO., LTD.

  • 5 years of experience as a graphic designer

  • 3D animator on Short Film: “STABBY”

  • 2D animator on Short Film: “Liberdade” Walt Disney Imaginations Competition: Semifinalist

Hadid – Community Lead

As one of the founders of MGG, Hadid has grown her expertise in every facet of the NFT industry. That position has also given her the organizational and communication skills that will help her lead the Krypto Fighters community.

  • Community lead of Maxma Game CO., LTD.

  • Founder at Marites Gaming Guild (MGG)

  • Handling many NFT projects

Rufus - Marketing & Communication Manager

A well-versed public relations & communication enthusiaist with 9 years of industry experience in many high-profiled global media, advertising and communication agencies. Rufus’s expertise helps to cultivate the success of Maxma’s Marketing and Communication, PR and branding. 9 years’ experience as Marketing, PR & Communication practitioner

  • Senior Marketing & Communication Manager of Maxma Game Co., Ltd.

  • Senior Manager (PR & Communications) at Mandalay Advertising (A Publicis Agency in Myanmar), 360pintale Co., Ltd.

  • Senior PR Account Manager at Zagar Communications

  • Experience working at global agencies such as Ogilvy, Starcom

Jin - Marketing Manager

Starting work career right off as a performance marketer, in southeast asia no.1 ecommerce enabler. Jin has solid knowledge of marketing and has worked with various world top brands to achieve their targets like, Microsoft, 3M, L’Oreal and the list goes on. His expertise will help market, manage and lead Kryptofighters to success.

  • 5 Years accumulated experience as a marketer

  • Marketing Manager of Maxma Game Co., Ltd.

  • Social and Digital Marketing Manager at Worldtech Co.,Ltd.

  • Co-founder of KKZ trader (private trading group)

  • Co-Founder of Mealhub.Co.,Ltd. Paid

  • Performance Marketer at aCommerce Co.,Ltd.

Naruepat – CTO

With over 8 years of experience with full-stack software development and leadership technology, Naruepat now utilizes his expertise as Maxma’s CTO, managing technology-related aspects of the company. He is also CEO and co-founder of I GEAR GEEK, a high-growth software development company he started in 2019.

  • CTO of Krypto Fighters.

  • CEO & co-founder at I GEAR GEEK Co., LTD.

  • 8 years of experience with full-stack software development and leadership technology

Banyawat - Tech Lead

Banyawat’s experience makes him perfect for his role as tech lead at Maxma: he’s worked as CTO at I GEAR GEEK alongside Naruepat, where he assisted in a wide range of IT support. Before that, Banyawat spent time as both a freelance full-stack developer and software engineer at THiNKNET Co., Ltd. He has also won many software development competitions.

  • Tech lead of Maxma Game CO., LTD. CTO at I GEAR GEEK Co., LTD.

  • 5 Years Exp of Full-Stack Software Development

  • Won many software dev competition

Pornpipat – Lead Game Developer

With nearly 15 years of experience and passion working as a lead programmer in the gaming industry and having won many game competitions, Pornpipat has the experience to ensure that Krypto Fighters is the best game it can be. In his role as lead game developer, Pornpipat will oversee that all necessary steps for blockchain gaming are implemented skillfully.

  • Lead game developer of Maxma Game CO., LTD.

  • 14 years’ experience as a programmer

  • Lead programmer at Xtale studio

  • Lead programmer at Virus studio

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