Official Krypto Fighters Whitepaper, last updated May 2022.

What is Krypto Fighters?

Krypto Fighters is an NFT-based game where players can collect, trade, recruit, rent, train, and lead a team of fighters in an innovative, strategic turn-based gameplay inspired by Darkest Dungeon. The game will launch on the Polygon network.
In Krypto Fighters, players can train their Fighters by leading their team in the game’s “Adventure Mode”. When Fighters reach Level 10 , they gain the ability to coach a new Junior Fighter, which in turn creates the next generation of unique NFT Fighters. The NFT Fighters are not only designed as gameplay mechanics for enjoyment but they have a range of features which allowed them to be utilised for many purposes. This implies that there is a great deal of potential for increasing the worth of NFTs that deliver values to the owners.

Our vision: To Create a high-quality NFT game with a sustainable economy.

Blockchain technology, in particular NFTs, have paved the way for a breakthrough evolution of games and their ecosystems, as is becoming obvious across numerous gaming metaverses. Games are beginning to provide players not just a remendous amount of entertainment, but also the opportunity to earn as they play. All of this is now possible thanks to the Polygon blockchain technology we employ.
Whereas games used to be primarily a source of entertainment, relaxation, and socialization, they’re now becoming an opportunity for players to generate income through in-game items like as NFTs and tokens, due to NFT games backed by blockchain technology. These tokens may then be traded on the marketplace or staked on the Polygon blockchain to help keep the network healthy. Not to mention Krypto Fighters’s buildings are available for purchase.
Despite the fact that NFT games are getting more popular, they remain pale in comparison to the whole gaming business. Our goal is to create an excellent, stable, and ever-evolving blockchain game that gives everyone in our community an equal chance to earn assets while enjoying the game.
Our three fundamental pillars below represent our mission:

Community as a digital nation

Any assets acquired by our members will be fully owned by them. We’ll also take all feedback, suggestions, and participation carefully in order to make Krypto Fighters the best game it can be. cOur community members are valued citizens of our digital nation.

Excellent ecosystem

Our vision is to foster a fair, balanced, transparent, and self-sustaining environment in which all participants are encouraged to be incentivised with assets while playing which is our commitment to the community.

The best gaming experience

We identify as enthusiasts of a wide range of turn-based games, so we understand the intricacies of our project, so you can rely on us to make no corners as we work tirelessly to create a fantastic gaming experience for real aficionados like ourselves.
Since the beginning of our journey as gamers, it has been our dream to create an ecosphere where players communicate, compete, grow, and enjoy the world of their choice together.
Krypto Fighters is a blank slate project inspired by some of our favourite games of all time, such as Street Fighter, River City, and Grand Theft Auto. It means everything to us to see the global community fall in love with our Fighters as much as we did when we created them. We firmly think that by working together, we can build a game-changing IP.