Game Mode

Adventure Mode

(PVE, Player Versus Environment)

Players must lead their own team of Fighters to battle in Kryptopolis. Players will encounter various types of gangsters who roams the dark corners of the city, taking advantage of the city's inhabitants. Your team must defeat all the gangsters along the journey to get to the bottom of this. Your must defeat the bosses to expand your Fight Club territory and reputation.

Battle Arena

(PVP, Player Versus Player)


(PVP, Special Event)

Tournaments are prestigious monthly events that will only feature the best teams at the highest level of competition.

To enter, users must be invited by the tournament organizers. After accepting the invitations, users can proceed to create and register their teams of 6 Fighters (4 starting and 2 substitute Fighters) for a particular tournament. These lineups will remain unchanged throughout the tournament.

At the start of every scheduled tournament match, team owners are required to choose which 4 Fighters will participate in the match and which 2 will sit on the bench.

At the end of each tournament, teams will be rewarded according to their results. Each Fighter in the winning team will also be presented with a championship trophy, which will stay attached to their profile.

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