Fighter Ticket Fragments

In general, “Ticket Fragments” are NFT crafting materials for Fighter Tickets. In the Pre-Launch stage, it is impossible to own a Fighter Ticket without Ticket Fragments. That’s why we call it Ticket Fragments as your mission is to combine all these fragments in order to have a Fighter Ticket. Ticket Fragments are multifunctional, they are the very fundamental items in Kryptopolis to create other different items with different portions of Ticket Fragments.
These Ticket Fragments will only be received after winning missions in the give-away events hosted by the Krypto Fighters team. This is the only way to mint NFT Fighters before the launch of the game, apart from buying the ticket.

How to get Ticket Fragments NFTs

Our mission is to create the Community as a digital nation. Therefore, we will reward Fighterians with Ticket Fragments which can be used in crafting Fighter Tickets as these Fighterians are supporting our project. We want to show that our members are truly valued, and with their help, we can reach our goal of letting our community grow on its own.
You can claim the Ticket Fragments once our website's "Claim Feature" is ready. You can keep them and add to your collection to increase value, trade them for Fighter Tickets, or sell them on OpenSea.
We will airdrop 3 types of Ticket Fragments to the early members and newcomers before pre-sale. Every week we will giveaway more than 10 Holo Bars, 15 Gold Bars, and 40 Microchips. As the community grows, the number of Ticket Fragments give-away may change. Also, we have daily and weekly events on our different social media platforms. Stay tuned to get your rewards, Fighterians!

Types of Ticket Fragments

Holo Bar
Gold Bar
The core component of the Fighter Ticket.
Holo Bar is the most important fragment.
The only way to obtain it is to be a Real Fighterian in our Discord.
Check our Discord to know how to have a Real Fighterian Badge.
The key connector of Microchip and Holo Bar.
Without this material we cannot connect the Microchip with the Holo Bar.
Contains the Fighter's Data or Bio.
The fragment that contains crucial information of the Fighters such as their history, stats, experience, etc.

Collect Free Ticket Fragments

As mentioned, you can only get Ticket Fragments at our Krypto Fighters events or activities.
Fighterians can join our Discord server to take part in more activities and get more chances to win this giveaway. But not all platforms will always announce every activities as we usually hosts Discord exclusive events so Fighterians should check it everyday to get Ticket Fragments.
You can enter the giveaways if you have one of the following badges: (The more badges you have, the more chances you will be able to participate in the give-away events.)
    The highest level, this badge holders can participate in Holo Bar and Gold Bar giveaway. You will be rewarded with 1 Holo Bar and 1 Gold Bar as a welcome gift as a Real Fighterian badge holder. This badge holders will be on “Whitelist” for pre-sale and will be able to buy Ticket Fragments and Fighter Tickets as early birds.
    This badge holders can participate in Gold Bar and Microchip giveaway. To get this badge, you have to actively participate in every weekly activity in our Discord server. This badge holders will be on “Whitelist” for pre-sale and will be able to buy Ticket Fragments and Fighter Tickets as early birds.
    This badge holders can also participate in Gold Bar and Microchip giveaway. Exclusive giveaways with more benefits are waiting for them. To get this badge, you only need to boost our Discord server for 1 month. This badge holders will be on “White List” for pre-sale and will be able to buy Ticket Fragments and Fighter Tickets as early birds.
    The fundamental role, this badge holders can also participate in Gold Bar and Microchip giveaway too. Starting from this basic role, you will have chances to participate and win in our giveaways. To get this badge, you must first have level 3.
To prevent players that will make a lot of Discord accounts, you must reach level 3 in our Krypto Fighters Official Discord server.
NOTE: Do not forget to sign-up in the following link: so we can verify everyone's authenticity. If you have won a giveaway in our Discord server and you are not in the list, you will be voided. Please take note on this, as we are very strict about our policy.

Key Takeaways:

  • 10 Ticket Fragments (2 Holo Bars + 3 Gold Bars + 5 Microchips) ➔ 1 Fighter Ticket ➔ (mint) ➔ 1 random Fighter NFT. (Worth approximately $90 USD)
  • To get Ticket Fragments, participate in every giveaway events hosted by KF team
  • Stay active and keep an eye on our Discord channel not to miss every chance.
  • Fighterians with different Discord badges will have different entries to giveaways. The more badges you have, the more you will be entitled to participate in different levels of giveaway events. (Tip: stay active in the Discord and take all missions)