Krypto Fighters is a turn-based fighting game where players recruit fighters to battle. Before entering the battle, players can use the facilities in their Fight Club to manage their Fighters and inventory. There are 8 different classes of Fighters, each with their own statuses and skills that can be upgraded over time.
After the players complete their preparation phase, they have to select 4 Fighters to go out to battle. The combat encounters are turn-based. Krypto Fighters' unique feature is the Guts System, which is the Fighter's willpower. There are many factors that affect the Fighter's willpower while fighting. For example, a Fighter who misses the target might decrease the morale of the team; seeing party members die, injured in battle, intimidated, or damaged by the enemy will exhaust the Fighter’s willpower. When a Fighter's willpower is exhausted, the Fighter will be frightened and will be unable to fight directly.
Leaving Fighters to lose their strength would make them go into a state of exhaustion, causing their health to be extremely low and lead them to be on the verge of death. Thus, combat in Krypto Fighters takes place in various ways, either direct physical damage or spiritual damage, making it a strategic game with simple gameplay.
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